The Lone Ranger

The adventures of the masked hero and his Native American partner.

Duration:30 min




Season 1 - The Lone Ranger
15 Sep 1949
"John Reid, the sole surviving Texas Ranger of a murderous ambush, becomes the great masked hero with his companion, Tonto."
22 Sep 1949
"The origin of the Lone Ranger's horse Silver and his use of silver bullets is explained."
29 Sep 1949
"The Lone Ranger still on the trail of Butch Cavendish and his gang sends Tonto to the town of Colby to organize a posse with the sheriff. Tonto receives no help and the suspicion is a ..."
06 Oct 1949
"Bob Kittredge is being forced by Red Devers to sell the ranch he inherited from his father. The Lone Ranger and Tonto, aided by Banty Bishop and the old ranch hands rescue Kittredge, and ..."
13 Oct 1949
"The Vance family settles right in the middle of a war between the Madden gang and local ranches. Despite the hostility to Fred Vance over his past, he decides he will not be run on this ..."
20 Oct 1949
"A promoter wants to purchase the famous war horse 'Black Cloud' owned by the Chief Lame Bear. Instead of purchasing the horse the people he employs steal the animal instead, taking Lame ..."
27 Oct 1949
"Pete and Pedro don't like working, until the Lone Ranger persuades them to help an attractive young woman save her ranch."
03 Nov 1949
"While on the trail, Tonto gets an urgent message to meet Chief Swift Eagle. The Lone Ranger continues on to a local mission to discover there are reports of Indian raids on supply trains, ..."
10 Nov 1949
"A murder is pinned on two cowboys who strike it rich, until the Lone Ranger traps the real killer."
17 Nov 1949
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto aid a short rancher who is so embarrassed by his lack of height he resorts to specially made platform shoes to add inches to his stature."
24 Nov 1949
"A tenderfoot stage coach driver is killed then one of his murderers takes his place driving the coach. The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across the scene and realize the boy is still alive and..."
01 Dec 1949
"The Lone Ranger becomes concerned when he hears a recently released prisoner, John Ames is returning to his home town threatening to take revenge on those who wrongly accused him of robbing..."
08 Dec 1949
"Nat Parker has just gotten out of prison after serving 4 years for bank robbery, and is determined to kill his two outlaw partners whom he took the rap for, and recover the $75,000 in ..."
05 Dec 1949
"The Lone Ranger, pretends to be a notorious outlaw known as \"The Mask Rider\" so he can join a gang that is holding the sheriff's fianc\u00e9e hostage and save her."
22 Dec 1949
"Joe Peter's sister visits her brother for the first time in 30 years. Only now he's being impersonated by escaped jailbird Biff Baker."
29 Dec 1949
"The Ranger investigates why a series of Wells Fargo robberies throughout the territory seem to have spared Boone County."
05 Jan 1950
"The Lone Ranger & Tonto visit old friend Joe Crawford at the Bar C Ranch. Instead they find two men who say Joe's sold his ranch, but won't answer any more questions. The Lone Ranger ..."
12 Jan 1950
"Jim Andrews holds up the Wells Fargo office and steals a specific amount of money (5,000.00). He needs the money to enter \"Outlaw Town\" a safe haven for outlaws who can pay the equivalent ..."
19 Jan 1950
"The Lone Ranger stumbles on the murder the sheriff Gilbert at the Lady Luck gold mine. Investigating the Lone Ranger finds the owner of the mine has also been killed. The Lone Ranger ..."
26 Jan 1950
"While on the trail of cattle rustlers, the Lone Ranger and Tonto encounter hen pecked and stay at home husband Casper Dingle. The Lone Ranger convinces Casper to come with him because the ..."
02 Feb 1950
"The Lone Ranger use a traveling salesman Barnaby Boggs to first identify and if possible trap cattle rustler Red Kruger. Kruger recognizes the threat Boogs presents and does everything in ..."
09 Feb 1950
"Two young men switch clothes while on a stage coach so as to play a practical joke on the owner of one of the local sheep stations. Unbeknown to both of them they set in action a chain of ..."
16 Feb 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto are constantly frustrated at Blackie Kane's ability to evade them. They suspect he is getting help but are not sure who might be responsible. They realize Jim ..."
23 Feb 1950
"A strange bearded one eyed thief has been involved in a number of bank robberies. The Lone Ranger thinks he has discovered the man's pattern and waits near what he thinks will be the next ..."
02 Mar 1950
"Flint Foster breaks from jail and heads for his brothers homestead. A cat mouse game develops when it is realized a large sum of money is hidden somewhere in the house and Flint cant find it."
09 Mar 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive at a ranch looking for water and discover the owner is being attacked by unknown people, they have run his cattle off and poisoned his water supplies. The ..."
16 Mar 1950
"After a shoot out during a stage coach robbery the Lone Ranger finds himself being blamed for the deaths. He begins a desperate attempt to avoid capture while trying to capture those responsible for the robbery."
23 Mar 1950
"Two gamblers way-lay a miner who has just struck gold in a mine he is working. Tonto and the Lone Ranger hear gunfire and go to investigate. The Ranger realizes he needs to get to town ..."
30 Mar 1950
"A group of bank robbers arrive in Clarkesville and tangle with a local barber 'Billie' who is a gunslinging fast drawing woman. They discover she has a large sum of money, and decide to try and rob her."
06 Apr 1950
"Butch Cavendish breaks out of prison abducting the wardens son in the process. The Lone Ranger begins the task of trying to track Cavendish down in the knowledge that if he fails, the warden's son will be killed."
13 Apr 1950
"Ox Martin and his gang attract the attention of the Lone Ranger, when Martin's gang intercept a mail coach carrying a claim for a gold mine owned by Sam Dingle."
20 Apr 1950
"The Lone Ranger comes across an abandoned stagecoach that was carrying the outlaw Knife Norton. Tonto follows some tracks to a cabin owned by Uncle Taffy, but finds no evidence of the outlaw."
27 Apr 1950
"The Lone Ranger is hot on the heels of two outlaws Dimple Henshaw and Toby Farrell who are trying to cross the border into Mexico."
04 May 1950
"The Lone Ranger comes across a skirmish between an army patrol and a renegade group of Indians. The Lone Ranger helps fight the Indians off but is concerned they were using weapons that ..."
18 May 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto are concerned that they can't find any sign of a gang of outlaws who recently stole a large amount of gold. Tonto is contacted by an Indian friend who might have ..."
25 May 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto are heading for the town of Horseshoe when they come across two men shot dead. They realize a large sum of money has been stolen, but can't understand the relationship between the two victims."
01 Jun 1950
"The Lone Ranger encounters a paroled prisoner on the trail. As he hears the man's story he becomes concerned an innocent man may have been found guilty of a crime he'd never committed. The ..."
15 Jun 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across a stage coach that seems to have been attacked by Indians. Discovering a surviver the Lone Range becomes concerned about irregularities in the attack ..."
22 Jun 1950
"The Lone Ranger captures Curley Bates only to discover the man has been pardoned and no longer a wanted criminal. Suspicion is raised though when Curley tells the Lone Ranger he has ..."
29 Jun 1950
"Clay Durfee gets word his appeal has been turned down, and he will be hanged Monday. Elsewhere the remains of his gang, including his brother work on a prison break, by using members of the..."
06 Jul 1950
"The Ranger and Tonto ride through drought stricken country and encounter two recently robbed men, Clem and Sam, who has been shot. The men tell a story of being robbed of their herd. The ..."
13 Jul 1950
"Tonto finds the body of an Indian belonging to a local tribe. The Ranger and Tonto decide foul play is involved and follow a set tracks leading back to the reservation. Independently we ..."
20 Jul 1950
"To get evidence on the Buck Fargo gang's plan to rob the Baxter bank Tonto pretends after Baxter has killed Black Eagle to be Black Eagle who has helped kidnap Terry Baxter but Tonto is revealed by a ring from Black Eagle's squaw."
03 Aug 1950
"Sherriff Barnes arrives at a cabin looking for Meredith who he arrests or the murder of the judge Scoville. The Lone Ranger hears Meredith may be lynched. Later the Ranger with Tonto, head ..."
10 Aug 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto are breaking camp when they see a man leave a package by a rock. Investigating they find a ransom note for the son of the local sheriff. The Ranger arrives at the ..."
17 Aug 1950
"The Lone Ranger is cutting across country to visit Sheriff Hollister. Meanwhile a group of men discover gold on private land. They have a falling out over the strike and one of them is ..."
24 Aug 1950
"The Lone Ranger gets word Silky Carter has been released from Jail. The Ranger suspects he will head for Thunder Mountain to retrieve money from previous robberies. At the Mountain a stage ..."
31 Aug 1950
"Dan, the Lone Ranger's nephew comes across a dead man. The Lone Ranger quickly identifies him as 'click' Philiips, the fastest Morse code operator in the area and known member of Juan ..."
"No description"
Season 2 - The Lone Ranger
14 Sep 1950
"The Ranger and Tonto are scouting a campsite when they come across two old timers, Mosshorn and Flapjack having a duel. After breaking up the fight they go to Mosshorn's shack to get water...."
21 Sep 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto are investigating former outlaw Stephen Dunn, when they find him shot dead. As they investigate the murder they discover a much bigger mystery centered on the local Spanish mission."
28 Sep 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto stumble across a crime wave in a small town. As they investigate it is clear someone has many sources of information, which is only shared with other gang members by mail."
05 Oct 1950
"In the identity of respected banker Calvin Blair, Trigger Taylor, top henchmen to the recently executed Pete Carson, seeks revenge by having henchman Hammer rob the bank in the Lone Ranger dress and also frames teller Ames as an accomplice."
12 Oct 1950
"To become sheriff, Deputy Craig has henchman Hatch kill revered Sheriff Roberts. The Lone Ranger, not knowing the involvement of Craig, talks to ventriloquist Boswell, who witnessed the murder, and who Craig wants dead."
19 Oct 1950
"The Lone Ranger encounters a seemingly harmless watch maker who appears to be a law abiding citizen. It becomes very apparent there is far more to the man and his activities than anyone ever realized."
26 Oct 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto arrive in Greenville during a terrible drought. At the same time a rain maker arrives in town with a deal that under any other circumstances would have been to good to believe."
02 Nov 1950
"Pierre Dumont a master counterfeiter kills a federal agent Jim Collins then takes his place. The Lone Ranger and Tonto struggle to make sense of the situation after they find Collins' body."
09 Nov 1950
"The Lone Ranger is chasing a gang who earlier in the day robbed a bank. He and Tonto discover the gang rather than trying to escape are themselves chasing two eyewitnesses to the crime."
16 Nov 1950
"Tonto and the Lone Ranger are on the track of cattle rustlers, but are puzzled how they are disposing of such large quantity of cattle without being caught. The Lone Ranger suspects the ..."
20 Nov 1950
"A banker is being blackmailed to keep it quiet that his son is an embezzler but the blackmailer unknown to the banker is an employee and relative who is the actual embezzler."
30 Nov 1950
"After the Yuma Kid's gang robs a bank, destroys a water hole behind them and heads across inhospitable desert, the Lone Ranger dons an old timer's disguise and tells a tale of gold to get Yuma and Cheyenne to get to the rest of the gang."
07 Dec 1950
"The Lone Ranger learns the Bolton gang which he is pursuing has committed a bank robbery in which one of them has been wounded and finds them holding a town doctor hostage for treatment and uses an Italian immigrant disguise as a ruse."
14 Dec 1950
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto are on the trail of Rick Sanders a well known outlaw. What puzzles the pair is how Sanders is getting money because it is so long since he pulled a job. While in ..."
21 Dec 1950
"The Lone Ranger becomes involved when a series of gold shipments are attacked. All the clues seem to point to the least likely group of people in the area. The Lone Ranger must find a way to establish guilt and convince those around him."
28 Dec 1950
"Sam Slater an escaped prisoner is spotted heading for Maryvale for no apparent reason. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are puzzled by the information but decide to head into town to try and capture him."
04 Jan 1951
"Jeff Niles, who is married under an alias to the daughter of a callous sheriff, is blackmailed by prison escapee Sam Slater for details of a bank in which Niles works because Niles as a boy unwittingly did a robbery with Slater."
11 Jan 1951
"The Lone Ranger saves Cleve Ritchie from henchmen of Dr. Payton who has planted Stella Watson in his home to care for his grandmother post stroke so Stella can get a map to an old Spanish treasure that Cleve has found to fund the town."
18 Jan 1951
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto are searching for a group of outlaws who are responsible for a series of hold ups. Even with the local sheriff and Texas Rangers involved, no one has been able to catch them."
25 Jan 1951
"The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across a railway gang thats been attacked. What appears on the surface to be an Indian raid quickly appears to be far more complex and dangerous."
01 Feb 1951
"The Lone Ranger gets word that the Fulsome gang has over run the town of San Carlos, and the local sheriff refuses to act. The Lone Ranger goes to the town to find out the true situation."
08 Feb 1951
"Ruthless McCarty and two fellow prisoners have escaped and are heading for Black Rock mine in which McCarty has hidden stolen gold coin but where old-timer Neeley is working a claim and has been injured in an accident that uncovered the loot."
15 Feb 1951
"A young man is released from prison fully intent on joining the \"Carlos Marina\" gang. The Lone Ranger encounters a man who had previously fought against the gang. They decide to join forces to combat this new threat to peace in the West."
22 Feb 1951
"Tonto gets caught up in a robbery conducted by the Hooded gang, who the Lone Ranger has been tracking for some time. The Ranger has a suspicion who is behind the gang, but he needs time to connect all the dots."
01 Mar 1951
"The Lone Ranger gets a message from the local padre. He asks The Lone Ranger and Tonto to try and find evidence Jeff Austin, currently on death row, was not responsible for a gold robbery."
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